Nude Cabaret

Nude Cabaret


After 60 years wowing audiences in Paris, The Crazy Horse Cabaret is in London for the first time at a pop-up venue (posh tent) on Southbank.

The two-hour show, ‘Forever Crazy’ is a semi nude cabaret and has been described as ‘glamorous’, ‘feminine’, ‘sophisticated’, ‘intricate’, ‘athletic’ and a ‘celebration of womanhood.’

It features 10 choreographed tableaus with 10 classically trained former ballerinas so they have a way of moving which is sensual, graceful and effortless.

The traditional opening act ‘God Save Our Bareskin’ is a twist on the military march of the Royal Horse Guards and was choreographed by a British Army Lieutenant.

The girls all look the same – height, weight and measurements – and wear identical wigs and a signature red lippy from Benefit called Flirt Alert.

British Beauty Blogger says in her review: ‘we had a little attempt at intellectualising (wonderful choreography, amazing lighting etc, etc) but the big debate of the night was merkins or dye? While you pretty soon forget that everyone is topless, the downstairs department was a source of much conjecture – and you’d have to see it to understand’.

We look forward to doing so.

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