Sauce in a Teacup

Lady Gaga with my tea cup and saucer - Outlandish Creations

Loving these cheeky, subversive pieces by Outlandish Creations. The saucy range includes china cups and mugs emblazoned with various terms of endearment: ‘whore’ (fashioned by Lady Gaga in the pic), ‘cock’, ‘strumpet,’ ‘pervert’ and ‘nice ass’ (thanks). There’s also a quirky cock bottlestopper, salt and pepper cockshakers, an anal ‘lovebead’ chandelier and a porcelain riding crop, as well as more demure ranges. 

OC says: ‘I enjoy making work that is beautifully crafted, delicate, luxurious, feminine and provocative. I have been making dainty but saucy tea cups for a number of years, it is only recently that there has been a resurgence in the afternoon tea and cake culture that makes tea such a divine part of being British. I design and make all my products in Britain which I believe is vital in today’s society’. 

Best served with naughty cupcakes from Patrick Cox’ erotic bakery in Soho: Cox Cookies & Cake

Buy from Outlandish CreationsCoco de Mer and other stockists.

Photo credits: Outlandish Creations and Coco de Mer (Bottlestopper).

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