Little Rooster – Review

Words: Sabi Phagura

The alarm clock that wakes you with an orgasm…

Sabi’s had time to test it out personally so here’s her review:

When I first heard about the Little Rooster by, my initial reaction was “how funny!”

But then I started to think, what a fabulous idea and decided to try it out for myself.

It came in a lovely box which looks like an expensive packaging for some jewellery items.

There was a lovely black satin pouch to keep my new alarm clock in which I think was a great touch and made the product feel more sophisticated.

After reading the instructions I set the alarm and placed it in my panties.

The device felt cold against my skin and felt a bit odd but within a few minutes, I had forgotten it was even there.

I’m not a heavy sleeper so I had put it on a low vibration setting and low and behold, it woke me up gently.

It was a great feeling I have to say and it wasn’t noisy at all as I had expected it to be.

I’m certain if I had a partner in bed, they would not even have noticed it!

I’m guilty of letting it continue to vibrate for a long time after it had awoke me.

With a normal alarm clock, It would’ve been switched off within seconds!

A very enjoyable piece of equipment and I will certainly be recommending it to others!

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