LELO Ora 2 Review – Love Your Labia

Earlier this year I reviewed the ORA – LELO’s oral sex simulator. Fabulous idea and given its function and that competition is scant I really wanted to love it. However, it was a disappointment. That rotating nub on the right wasn’t big enough or powerful enough so no matter how much I wiggled it around on my clit I couldn’t feel much action at all.

So, I had an email from LELO earlier this month saying that they are relaunching it and would I like to try out the new, improved version? Indeed. It’s no secret that most women don’t orgasm through penetrative sex and need extra stimulation, and given the vagina bias in the sex toy market it’s high time the clit saw some action. Hopefully the reviews and customer feedback have given them enough ideas for a new and improved model. 

The ORA 2 arrived this week along with their other new launch, which I am equally as excited about – the LUNA Smart Bead (an intuitive Kegel exerciser designed to improve orgasms over time… more on that later). Unwrapping this I can see that the nub for those “fabulous flicks and seductive swirls” is MUCH larger and as testing it out on the palm of my hand put a smile on my face I can tell it will be far more effective.  

So, what else is new in version 2?

  • USB-rechargeable – a far better eco-friendly option, a two-hour charge will last several rounds. 
  • SenseTouch™ Technology means the vibrations work on contact with the skin.  

The ORA 2 is two toys in one – a vibrator and a clitoral simulator and you can use it separately for each function though I found it’s not strong enough without the vibrations. It’s easy to use and the vibration mode has 10 settings, which I never seem to make full use of, but as we know a lady likes to have options. I have played with it a few times now and it’s a different toy to the first version. “A vast improvement if the heavy breathing is anything to go by” my partner commented.

Nipple wax and labia love...

Nipple wax and labia love…

Fun to play with solo and can also be used on the nipples, balls, ears etc… Also neat enough to nestle between your thighs and use hands-free. It feels more sensual when used with a dollop of water-based lube. 


It’s pricey at £119 but then LELO have set the bar for designer toys that look great and are built to last so you get what you pay for. On the maximum vibration setting it’s also pretty noisy – we’re not talking DOXY levels but someone in the next room could hear it. 

Given that research shows the majority of women don’t orgasm through penetrative sex and are more likely to if oral and other sex acts are included, more creative sex toys for women are definitely required and a good oral simulator is a must for the toy box. For version 3 why not push the boat out and make the nub EVEN LARGER. It’s what sets this toy apart from the vibe brigade and we women do love a proper poke… 

LELO ORA 2 is available online from LELO and soon from other online boutiques.


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