Jade love eggs – a review

By Nicci Talbot

I recently bought a Jade love egg from Uta Demontis, who gives classes on how to use them at Coco de Mer. I’ve used it once this week – slapped wrists – as short on time but will settle into a regular practice soon. I wore it around my neck on a trip to Switzerland last week and had to get it out of its pouch to show the lady at Customs – ‘Ooh, how lovely’ was all she said.

It’s smaller than I thought so more challenging to feel and move around inside the vagina so with regular use it will increase sensitivity. I’ve heard that sleeping with one inside you can lead to vivid, erotic dreams so let’s give that a whirl. I’ve bought stronger string to thread through the middle, as I’m paranoid about the floss snapping during the night. Not that it can get lost in there but I fear my PC muscle is not yet strong enough to push it out unaided. Note to self: find non-waxed (i.e. non-minty!) floss next time. Minty breath is good, a minty cunt is not..

The eggs are designed to be used with the other Taoist healing practices, as explained in Mantak Chia’s excellent book Cultivating Female Sexual Energy. These include the inner smile, breast massage, Iron Shirt qigong, and ovarian breathing. The aim is to increase your sexual energy, which translates to creative energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful force – life-creating – so why not learn how to use it to help you be creative in other endeavours?

Let me know if you’d like to buy a Jade egg and if you’d like to come along to Uta’s salon at Coco de Mer (October 20th) to find out more about how to use them.

How to use a Jade love egg @ Suite101 

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