2015 Christmas Gift Guide


Looking for a last minute cheeky stocking filler for a lover or girlfriend?

According to a recent survey by Lelo, two-thirds of women have received a sex toy as a gift from a female friend. They have just launched a new personal shopping service to assist the process.

Here’s a round up of innovative new toys and products that have passed Rude Quality Control this year…

2015 Christmas gift guide


For him – I love prostate toys. They’re great fun and enable you to really get to know a man’s body and how he likes to be touched. The prostate is an important part of the body that is sadly still a little bit taboo so having gorgeous toys as a talking point will help break down barriers. Lelo have just launched three new toys for men and I’ve tried two – LOKI WAVE is a powerful p spot vibe that moves back and forth and HUGO (right) is a remote controlled upgrade that you can have fun with from afar.

They are powerful and stylish toys that can be used solo and for couples’ play. As with any toy designed for couples’ play, I recommend trying them out on yourself first so you know how they work and you’ll feel more confident about using them with a partner. 


PULSE II Duo with wings! by Hot Octopuss. Shaped like a helmet with two powerful motors, this is an oscillating masturbator or ‘guybrator’ that women can also enjoy when on top during sex. Can be used when flaccid to help maintain an erection and with or without lube for different sensations. PULSE II Duo is the upgraded version and a bit quieter than the first model.

For her – Lelo’s LILY 2 is an external massager, which has been upgraded with a stronger motor and pronounced tip for clitoral stimulation. This version is also scented – a tad gimmicky for me but it smells good and great for the knicker drawer… Lavender and Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria or Bordeaux and Chocolate. 

LELO_Femme-Homme_LUNA-BEADS_product-1_1I love sex toys with an interesting history like Jade love eggs, which have been around for centuries and were used by concubines in the Royal Courts of China to improve vaginal tone and orgasms. Lelo’s LUNA Beads are an upgraded version combining pelvic exercise and pleasure (wear them as you go about your day for improved PC tone over time). Jade eggs are a bit more subtle, smaller and sensual so you can wear them when out and about. Pop one in pre Yoga class and enjoy the sensations in your pelvis as you stretch.

LELO_Femme-Homme_LUNA-SMART-BEAD_product-1_deep-rose_0The LUNA SMART BEAD is a high tech version of the LUNA BEADS, a personal pleasure trainer that is pre-programmed to give you a full PC workout.

Remember the fuss over Rabbit vibrators with their vibrating ‘ears’? INA WAVE is an updated version of the rabbit vibe with an external and internal vibrator that ‘waves’ back and forth to give your g-spot a good stroking at the same time. It’s not instinctive and takes a bit of getting used to, as you want to do the work but it’s worth persevering with. I’ve come to appreciate its benefits over time. 

LELO_Insignia_Tiani_24k_Product_Black_2xFor couplesTIANI 24K is a luxury vibrating couples’ massager with a gold plated band that heats up to body temperature. Hot on the heels of the We Vibe 4, TIANI 24K is their new toy for couples and looks the part. Bijou and stylish, it has two motors for internal and external stimulation and a remote control with motion sensors. Couples’ toys take a little experimentation and enable you to test out different angles during sex. Give your hand a rest from the bullet vibe and treat yourself to something new… 

And don’t forget a nice selection box of LUBE. The number one sex toy, it makes everything feel much sexier and is a must if you’re taking oral contraceptives or are menopausal. I like Yes Organic Lube, Sliquid Organics, GiveLube, Sh! Pure Plus Lube for anal play and the flavoured ones are fun for oral sex. A couple of drops of ON Arousal Oil will also get you in the mood pretty quickly.

Mr Nori’s Magic Gel – this is my favourite product this year. Add to warm water for a slippery and sensual full body NURU massage like nothing else you’ve experienced. You can also buy specially made bed sheets and blow up beds to enhance the experience. Shop online at www.uberkinky.co.uk

coverAlso on my wish list – Quite Frankly is a photographic erotic magazine for women, which launched this year; a high-end visual treat that will enhance your coffee table. Designed by women for women, it is a candid and intelligent exploration of female sexuality. Issue 2, Quite Lovely is out now and both issues are on offer for £59.50 until the end of the year from The Quite Delightful Project. 

Shop online at www.lelo.com. 


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