Risqué Business: Clarice Clique on writing & the joys of solitude

By Clarice Clique
These are all simple but life changing things that I quietly suspect most normal people know inherently, but for me they were revelations that came to me through the process and exploration of writing.
1.      The power of the imagination

I often get asked how much of my writing is inspired by own life. The real unglamorous secret is that for me, and other people I know, erotica came out of loneliness. Writing can be the most beautiful and wonderful escape from reality. Our creative instincts are an incredible release from the mundanity of everyday life. From a slightly messy bedroom in England I can travel to to an intimate embrace on a Caribbean beach, where I can feel the grains of sand rubbing against my skin and hear the thumping of my lover’s heart. Or I can truss myself up in a darkened sex dungeon to be used by numberless strangers.  There are no limits and no repercussions.

Which leads me to the next point...
2.      Some things are better in the imagination

You have to try them out before you know this of course, but it’s good to be aware that something that is perfect in your mind might not be so ideal once other people are involved.

On the other side, sometimes an experience that you can’t fully enjoy at the time through nerves or a sudden moment of self consciousness, can be relived mentally with the focus on the beauty and excitement of what you’ve done.
3.      The joys of being alone

Writing is generally a solo experience, you have to learn to live within yourself. There is an incredible calm and independence to be found in being alone. I am not denying that there are occasions when I’ve rushed downstairs to answer the door to salespeople and have had prolonged chats about guttering with my neighbour. But there is an internal and external happiness to be found in your own company. Not least in learning how to touch your own body, not just in the quick-rabbit-vibe-on-full-power kind of way, but in stroking and caressing and completely knowing yourself.
4.      The importance of all senses

Writing sex scenes made me focus on the intricacy of what goes on in my character’s minds, of every sensation they feel, and the pattern and developments of their desires. Two work colleagues meeting unexpectedly in the park, the first moment their eyes meet, the scent of freshly cut grass, the barely noticed birdsong, are all as important as the moment when they’re naked in bed, the air is heavy with sweet sweat, and the only sound they’re aware of is each other’s breath.
5.      Patience

I always thought I was a patient person, but when I look back at my first attempts at erotica it is all of the wham-bam variety. There is always a place for the five minute quickie, but over the years I’ve become much more satisfied as a writer and a reader when I know the characters, seen their dilemmas and watched them earn their literal climax. Inhabiting my creations and allowing them to anticipate and wait for their release, has translated into my own life. I am much more willing to accept things as and when they happen and enjoy the smaller moments in life instead of always looking towards the bigger events.

Clarice Clique dreams of all the things she’s done and all the things she’d like to do. Some of these dreams make it into stories and some of these stories make it into print.

Writing and reading erotica is her preferred way to spend a day. But she can be too easily distracted from her work by an internet addiction which means her brain is over brimming with facts about obscure television stars and that she is very good at many free online games.

Her work can be found in many anthologies, and her latest novel, Switch is out now and focuses on one of her favourite areas of sexual exploration, BDSM.

Find out more at her website and get to know her on Twitter at twitter.com @Clarice_Clique. More on Clarice’s writing here

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