Filthy Britain: 5 of the Most Common Fetishes in the UK

Woman riding man, coloured postcard from a collection by Richard von Krafft-Ebing 1840-1902. Wellcome Library London.
Woman riding man, coloured postcard from a collection by Richard von Krafft-Ebing 1840-1902. Wellcome Library London.

Behind the Prudish British Facade

It’s often thought that the British are repressed when it comes to sex, but this is certainly not true. Here are some of the most practised fetishes in the nation.

Behind the prim and proper exterior we like to uphold, there is a nation full of secret kinksters. From the weird all the way through to the wonderful, the British love to get kinky in bed, admitting to all kinds of fetishes and turn-ons. So what are the nation’s most common fetishes? We’ve compiled a very naughty list of some of the most common ones found in the UK. Can you find yours or your partner’s here on the list? Read on to find out!

Ainsley-t Shoes

Ainsley-t Shoes

No.5: Leather

For some, the appeal of their partner kitted out in black leather is pretty much unbeatable. A popular part of BDSM culture, think corsets, thigh high boots and masks. We’re not quite sure where it started, but there’s no denying that someone in their leather outfit is going to look seriously tough. For someone that wants to be dominated in bed, a partner in leather boots brandishing a whip is the hottest thing on earth. So whether it’s a stunning lady wearing her leather gloves and getting ready to deliver you a spanking, or vice versa – the leather kink is one that a large amount of people in the UK admit to having.

No.4: Voyeurism or Risky Sex

Sometimes, there’s no bigger turn on than the fact that someone else may be watching them. Or some people may be on the other side of the fence, and like to be the one doing the watching. It turns out that British people are a nation of secret peeping Toms. What’s the appeal? Well, some people like the idea of being caught doing something rather naughty, and will happily have sex outdoors or in any other location to enhance the feeling of risk. For some, it’s the idea of watching that turns them on, and the risky nature of that act. For both act, it’s the seedy, illicit thrill of doing something that you really shouldn’t be doing that gets them really hot under the collar. Naughty!

No. 3: Domination and Submission

Perhaps the fetish that most people have experimented with at one point in their life, domination and submission involves one partner relinquishing control and letting the other partner dominate them. For most people, this involves the use of props such as blindfolds, handcuffs and whips to establish who is in charge. However, like most fetishes, there are more advanced aspects to it, with orgasm delay and denial being used by some couples, so that the submissive’s sexual pleasure is completely under the dominant’s control.

No.2: Dressing up

Whether it’s a maid, a hunky police officer or even a bit of cross-dressing, donning an outfit as part of a sexual act is again, a fetish that most people have dabbled in. High-street adult shops are full of outfits that range from the slightly risqué to the downright filthy. They often tie in with roleplay (think nurses and patients, maids and their masters). Like the first fetish on our list, leather, putting on a particular outfit conveys a message about what role you are going to play in the bedroom. So if you are a naughty maid and forget to do your chores, prepare to be bent over your master’s knee and punished!

No.1: Feet

Our number one fetish is perhaps the most popular on the planet, let alone Great Britain. Feet have been the focus of sexual gratification for countless years, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of stopping. Foot fetish play includes licking, sucking, massaging and tickling the feet, with people citing playing with their partner’s feet or having their own feet worshipped helps or directly causes them to orgasm. Out of the non-sexual parts of the body, the feet are the most highly fetishised. Why? Well, it’s a safe practice that doesn’t lead to any other side effects normally associated with sex, and feet are a well-known erogenous zone. So as fetishes go, it’s a win-win situation!

A naughty nation

The five above fetishes are some of the most common in the UK, and they most certainly do not fit in with the typical perception of the British public’s attitude to sex. Most people assume that the UK is a nation of prudes, but as you can see from the above, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Behind closed doors, the Brits are getting up to all kinds of mischief, and by the looks of it, the kinkier the better!

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