In the Spotlight: Falbala Embellished Legwear

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By Meryl Cubley

Back Seam Stockings with Cuban Heel – Swiss Dot with a Crystal Back Seam

The brand:

Falbala LogoFalbala Embellished Legwear. Even the company name makes me feel sensuous and after meeting the owner, Karen, I’m definitely a fan.

Woman in the biz:

Karen set up the company herself as she had always wanted to run her own business doing something creative. “I originally trained as a fashion designer and have had various jobs in the fashion industry. My favourite job was working in the wardrobe dept of a large pantomime company. We used to create all the panto costumes for the Christmas shows up and down the country. There was lots of glitter and sequins in the outfits which I loved working on!”


Falbala burlesqueIn fact it’s her love of glitter, rich embellishment and trimmings that gave Karen the idea for embellishing hosiery. “I thought how eye catching it would be to customise legwear – and get some trimmings onto legs!” she says. “I started off putting studs onto tights and a chance encounter and conversation with a burlesque dancer got me thinking about doing a burlesque inspired collection.”

The website:

The gorgeous photography on the website, which is easily navigated, led me to the Back Seam Stockings with Cuban Heel – Swiss Dot with a Crystal Back Seam. They looked gorgeous; and I was intrigued by the inspiration of 1950’s Pin-Up Girls – I love anything vintage glamour – and these were sure to do the job under a little black dress or pencil skirt and some towering heels. In the end I simply wore them during a little mini-Burlesque show of my own – but more about that later…


Gold quartz cut-lead crystals run along the black back seam for incredible sparkle and I think along with the Swiss polka pattern I had fallen dotty in love. I sat back and waited the 2 – 3 days for delivery in the UK (moving up to 6 – 10 days for international orders and embellished tights orders.)

In the meantime:

FalbalaFalbala has been taken from the french word Furbelow which means a piece of showy ornamentation. Karen says: “We love how our embellished tights and stockings can transform a look in an instant! Complete your outfit with a pair of electric blue, ruby red or raven black studded tights from the Bijoux collection or take to the stage in the Burlesque collection which has been modelled by real burlesque dancers.

“And Rude readers should also please take a look at our new back seam collection inspired by the 1940′s and the burlesque scene!

“Falbala isn’t just for the evening,” she continues, “wear a bit of glamour to the office and really sparkle at your next team meeting!”

All Falbala legwear are designed and embellished by hand in the UK and anything you see online can be altered depending on the look you’re after…just send the Falbala team an email. Falbala use the highest quality back seam stockings and tights made in Italy and are all hand embellished in Kent, England by hand.

Dotty day!

Falbala stockingsI was very excited when the postie delivered my stockings – and I wasn’t disappointed. The Italian sourced hosiery is silky and sensuous; and the Kent-based artisan hand work from Karen and her team is just beautiful. The crystals are gorgeous and I carefully roll on the stockings and revel in that slippery sexual feeling one gets from stockings.

Later on, they are an absolute must-addition to a little burlesque show I put on for a very small audience of one. They go down a treat – and though they don’t stay on for long – this is only the start of their starring role.

Next up I wore them underneath a 1950’s dress of navy and white polka dots, when attending a work meeting – illustrating that Falbala isn’t just for the bedroom. Definitely one of our favorites at Rude, we’ll be bringing you more soon from Karen and the Falbala team…

Back to school

Back seam stockings:

Denier 15 with stretch for a lovely fit. Embellishment is applied to the backs of both legs and good quality cut-lead crystals are used (where applicable).

Very comfortable to wear and we would recommend that you wear gloves when putting them on to avoid any snags.

Embellished tights: 

FalbalaThe denier ranges from 80-120 and is strong and very comfortable to wear.

The embellishment is placed on one leg only, which is the the left leg when worn. Please email Karen if you would like the design swapped to the right leg or if you would like the design on both legs.

There are four sizes to choose from: 8-14, 16-20, 22-26, 28-32 (all 5’0″ – 5′ 10″). If you are taller than 5’10″ please let the team know as they do have longer legs if required.


Hand wash in warm soapy water and drip dry away from direct heat.

Check out the Falbala blog!

Contact Karen:

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