Would you join a cuddle club?

Piece in the Mail today about the new trend for ‘cuddle clubs’ – feel good workshops where you can give and receive hugs from strangers. It’s an interesting idea and draws from what Tantra has to offer – the opportunity to connect and exchange energy with others, not necessarily in a sexual way. I gave and received plenty of cuddles at a Sensual Spirit workshop last weekend. It was lovely and it boosted my energy levels considerably.

Touch is vital and as the writer says, it’s the reason holistic therapies are so in demand. I see this every day working in a natural health centre. We pay good money for an hour with a skilled (and empathetic) therapist because we need touch and it’s nice to be the centre of someone’s attention for a while. Sharing cuddles and intimate time with a partner is just as important yet how many of us leave for work with a brief peck on the cheek? At the end of the day, we’re too knackered to give each other a foot rub, a nice massage, or regular hugs.

Research shows that a 20 second hug boosts our oxytocin levels (feel good hormone), and reduces stress and anxiety. It’s also bonding and an essential start to the day in my book. I kiss and cuddle my friends when I greet them and enjoy regular cuggles with my daughter. Sod the housework and make a point of giving those you love a proper big cuddle today.

I recommend a Sensual Spirit workshop if you’re in the big smoke and in need of a hug.

Kickers @ iStockphoto

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