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Words: Nicci Talbot
Reposting this on behalf of the Shoreditch Sisters W.I. Their fantastic campaign ‘Embroideries’ against FGM was at the bottom of the ‘cool barometer’ in last week’s Sunday Times Style mag.
I’m flabbergasted. Not sure they understand what the campaign’s about, or realise that FGM is a real issue affecting millions of young girls every year. I’ve put in my complaint and urge you to do the same. Campaigning never goes out of style so let’s hope they make the effort to do some proper research and give Embroideries some positive coverage..
Here’s the formal complaint from the Shoreditch Sisters WI:
‘We, the Shoreditch Sisters WI and those affiliated, demand that The Sunday Times Style magazine print a formal retraction and apology for putting the Embroideries campaign in their ‘Going Down’ list on 4/9/11. The Embroideries campaign is raising awareness about female genital mutilation, an extreme form of human rights abuse, violence against women and child abuse. We suggest a full article explaining and supporting the campaign and the issues it is highlighting.’

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