The New Sex: The psychology of intimate relationships in the age of the internet

Off to a Psychologies debate this evening at The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships. It’s called The New Sex: The Psychology of Intimate Relationships in the Age of the Internet.

This psychology degree online resource will give you information about courses and the tools you need to learn even more about psychology and relationships in the 21st century. It is fascinating to discover how the internet is changing our relationships.

Here’s the blurb:

‘Sex: Are we having more or less of it? Has the rise of the internet changed the way we do it? How can couples with less spare time than ever before maintain a healthy sex life? And what does ‘healthy’ even mean?

The first of three events in The New Sex series will look at infidelity. Chair of the event, Professor Brett Kahr and author of Sex and the Psyche (a book on sexual fantasies) will be joined by novelist, journalist and broadcaster Tony Parsons; journalist and columnist for The Times Suzi Godson who edits and is author of Sex Counsel, plus Marian O’Connor, a relationship and psychosexual therapist.’

I’m looking forward to it as it’s relevant to my book research and will give me plenty to chew on. Monogamy is a difficult one. It works for some but I think many of us struggle with the ‘is this it for life?’ idea so if you are going to explore something new then communication is key. You need to be able to talk to your partner about your feelings and desires rather than keeping it all under wraps. They may share similar feelings especially if you’ve been together for a while. Perhaps there’s a compromise. I experienced infidelity via hotmail and I was devastated as it was all so furtive. The trust disappeared.

It’s also newsworthy in our culture given the tabloids’ love of drip-feeding every detail to the nation. ‘Ryan Giggs latest’ is a top search on Google so we’re clearly fascinated. He’s now taking ‘phone hacking’ action against the News of the World. We’re also hearing more about affairs being made public on twitter and other social networks. So, whilst technology has made it easier to plan a liaison it’s also making things more transparent and it’s easy for an angry ex to name and shame his partner online for all to see.

This is the first in a new series of debates. The next event will look at how feminism has changed the way we have sex. Now that women are no longer staying at home as housewives, how has this changed the way sexual relationships are managed? Speakers include Natasha Walker, author of Living Dolls, Rebecca Asher from Woman’s Hour and author of new book Shattered (about the illusion of equality in parenting) and Robert Rowland Smith (philosopher & author).

The final event is being finalised and will explore the journey from excitement to pleasure. Exciting stuff – will report back!


Psychologies magazine

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