The Natural Health Bible For Women – Review

I received a review copy today of Marilyn Glenville’s latest book, The Natural Health Bible For Women. It talks about the health issues women face and how taking a natural approach to health and wellbeing can help. Marilyn is an expert in nutritional health for women and I quoted her work in my Menopause guide. Highlights include:

Cancer prevention treatments for breast, cervical and womb cancer.
Symptom relief and treatments for PCOS and endometriosis.
Recovery plans for STI’s and other infections.
Conception, pregnancy and birth – including making your body baby ready, protecting your fertility, staying healthy in pregnancy and dealing with the loss of your baby.
The menopause and post-menopause issues including osteoporosis, memory loss and heart disease. How to have a natural menopause and offers solutions for low libido.

It is a heavy, glossy book with thick, colourful pages and I’m going to curl up with it now for a couple of hours.

Marilyn Glenville PhD: The Natural Health Bible For Women is published by Duncan Baird Publishers and available half price on Amazon.

Marilyn is speaking at this year’s Vitality Show on how to lose stubborn tummy fat.

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