The Menopause : An Essential Guide

My latest book Menopause: An Essential Guide is now available via Amazon or the Need2Know website as a book or online pdf. I’m pleased with how it looks and hope women find it useful. There are chapters on the basics: what the stages of menopause are, what to expect, common symptoms and solutions, HRT, bio-identical hormones, and complementary and alternative medicine. I spoke to various experts in health, nutrition and fitness and have included tips on exercise for healthy bones, healthy eating to combat symptoms, dealing with stress and lifestyle changes, and how the menopause can impact on your sex life.

I see the menopause as a new stage in a woman’s life; one that is to be celebrated. Menopausal women are wise and wonderful, and at the peak of their creativity. The reproductive years are amazing but when you have children your sense of self tends to revolve around them. It is hard to find the time and energy to focus on your own needs and development let alone that of your partner. The menopause provides an opportunity to focus on yourself and your needs and goals, whatever they may be.

I have covered natural remedies and the latest developments in HRT and bio-identical hormones so whatever your preference, I hope there is some useful information in there for you.

Katie Day, a holistic image consultant based at The Wellington Centre for Natural Health in Hastings does life coaching workshops and private consultations on colour, clothes and personal branding. She is holding a workshop this month on menopause called ‘Celebrating the Wise Woman’. See the Centre’s website for more information.

Need2Know publish practical consumer guides on a variety of subjects from women’s health to work and educational issues. For more information and current titles see their website.

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