The Erotica show and winter ball 2009

The Erotica Show opened in London yesterday and ends on Sunday evening. The Winter Ball takes place tonight at The Den & Centro in the west end and has a fantasy theme, featuring burlesque and cabaret performers. I went to the ball a couple of years ago and had a great time, as did Matt. Lots of propositions and impromptu kisses 😉 Quite a surprise to bump into an old work colleague clad head to toe in leather (I think he was more surprised to see me, lol).

I went to the trade show last year to do some book research for Fast Sex and got some wickedly funny quotes and anecdotes – if you want sex and relationship quotes and frank advice, this is a great place to go as people are open, having a good time, and happy to share their experiences. It’s an eye opener and refreshing to see no one bat an eyelid at middle-aged men wandering into the changing rooms to try on corsets. I love it.

The exhibitor categories this year are art (erotic painting, sculpture, photography), body enhancement (tattoos, piercing, jewellery), clubwear and fetish clothing, entertainment, erotic furniture, leisure (hot tubs, alternative holidays and swingers), and toys (fetish and bondage).

There is also a new Swingers’ Zone in conjunction with SDC so a chance to network over a drink or two. It offers sensual entertainment and seminars.

I can’t make it this year – work, work, alas but have fun, if you go, and let me know how it was. The shows and stage acts (organised by Torture Garden) are stimulating and sexy and if you’re going in the daytime stay on to see the late shows, as the atmosphere becomes very charged. Take your partner and do some pre-Christmas shopping. There are some interesting exhibitors this year – the following caught my eye:-

Fantasy Fannies intimate portraits by Jackie Adshead. ‘A spirited celebration of womanhood depicted as bright, vibrant, colourful abstracts of their most innermost secret places. They also contain a delicious private joke in that the painting can be the most intimate of portraits and yet most viewers would not guess what the subject matter is! Jackie is also starting a similar project for men, so now’s the chance to have the ultimate His and Hers paintings on your wall.’

Tenga male masturbation ‘onacup'(Onanism cups…) Secret Santa, anyone?

The Hourglass
– The Pin Up Experience by make-up artist, stylist and photographer Nicole Klein. Nicole aims to ‘reflect the variety of shapes, sizes and ages in normal, real women. The Hourglass wants to show women how beautiful they really are’. Lucia Whittaker from Scarlet magazine recommends this as a great way to bring a bit of glamour into your life, and an instant confidence boost.

Velvetshave personal care products: ‘the most effective, pain-free alternative to bikini waxing’.

Anna Span’s female-friendly porn.. Anna recently challenged the BBFC to get her latest porn film passed: Women Love Porn. The film caused a bit of a stir at the BBFC because it is the first to show female ejaculation, and they initially refused to pass it on the basis that it was urine and therefore obscene. Anna called upon Deborah Sundahl, the female ejaculation and sexuality expert, and has successfully challenged the ban. About time and good for her.

I have one of Anna’s earlier films: Hoxton Honeys, which is very sexy and great fun, and a copy of her book: Shoot Your Own Adult Home Movies.

I spoke to Richard Larsen (a qualified precious metal worker and diamond mounter) about the importance of fantasy and discretion. He makes beautiful, discreet silver and platinum jewellery that leaves plenty to the imagination. I love the idea of a piece of jewellery conveying a private message between you and your partner. His body jewellery is something you can wear underneath your clothes to put you in the mood for naughtiness. If you haven’t come across his work, check it out here.

The Erotica Show & Winter Ball 2009.

Image: Olga Ekaterincheva @ iStockphoto.

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