Sugargroup – MonaVie, Bordello, and Secret Ceres

I went to a Sugargroup networking event on Tuesday at the Hoxton Hotel. The theme was ‘boudoir’ for breast awareness month so we drank Tsarine rosé champers and ate pink macaroons. There were talks on lingerie and bra fittings from Bordello, sex tips from Secret Ceres, and a taster session of the latest antioxidant health drink from the US: MonaVie.

Sugargroup loves a bit of glamour so the meet-ups are always in nice places. The Hoxton is lovely – all exposed brickwork, leather sofas, and roaring fires. The events are quite informal – just as well – I don’t think boobs, cunts and pelvic toning tips would go down too well at certain networking events.

I met some fabulous ladies with a mix of businesses: anti-ageing facial rejuvance, de-cluttering home and office, bespoke jewellery design, tropical weddings, rag & bow mobile vintage clothing, and Athena networking events.

Nicole Anderson (holistic anti-ageing therapist) talked about Secret Ceres and how to use it. It’s a handmade organic pelvic toner made from pomegranate (a libido booster), dripstones, and kaolin. It will tighten your vagina, improve sensation during sex, and help clear up vaginal infections. You’ll have a virgin vagina, according to Tantric goddess Kavida Rei, who has written all about it on her blog. It can also be used externally to zap spots and blemishes. It’s a sexy little stick and I’m enjoying using it.

Michele from Bordello gave us an overview of her A/W lingerie range – lots of exquisite pieces for all shapes and sizes. She supports British fashion talent and has helped various lingerie designers get off the ground. I’m ashamed to say I’m lazy about wearing matching undies – if it’s the same colour, that’s a good start at 7am).

I’ve been fastening my bras the good old M&S way for donkeys (i.e. fasten it inside out from the waist, hoick up over belly and slip your arms in). Not exactly sexy to watch, and it will wear out your smalls in no time, says Michele. Most of the women who come into her shop try on the lingerie in the same fashion.

So, here’s how to put your bra on the Bordello way: Loosen the bra straps first so you can readjust them to fit once it’s on. Slip your arms through the straps and smooth it over your breasts. Reach round and do it up (the fiddly bit), and then adjust the straps for a proper fit. The bra should be tight beneath the breastbone so it gives you full support.

Michele is a firm believer in dressing well from the first layers so no mismatched knickers and bras. She recommends hand washing your smalls so that they keep their colour and shape, and last longer.

It’s also important to measure your bust size regularly, as it fluctuates depending on what’s going on in your life. I’ve lost weight recently and my boobs resemble raisins so I don’t actually need to wear a bra now. I want to however so I asked her for some tips on suitable bra styles for the smaller lady. She recommended chiffon-style pieces that are floaty and unstructured, as well as a tight black Basque. I can get away with the loose-fit wispy bits that don’t offer enough support for bigger boobs.

I shall pop along to Bordello for a proper fitting and try on some of the suggested styles next time I’m up town. Michele gave us all a £10 discount voucher to spend in the shop.

How to Measure Your Bra Size

Band size: Use a soft tape measure beneath the breastbone first to get your band size. Take the measurement in inches. If it’s an even number – say 30 – add four inches, so your band size is 34. If it’s an odd number, add five inches.

Bust size: Measure the fullest part of the breast over your nipples.
Cup size: Subtract the band size from your bust size to get your cup size. If it’s the same you’re an A cup. One inch larger = B cup. Two inches larger = C cup, and so on.

Sugargroup runs regular networking events in the South East. The next one is on Tuesday 19th October at The White House boutique hotel in Hastings and continues the breast health theme with a talk on self- checks from the Spire Hospital.

I’ll talk about MonaVie in the next post…Brazilian açai berry and 18 other fruits – anti-ageing in a bottle. It’s fabulous stuff, and every woman should have some in her fridge 😉

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