Spencer Tunick naked photoshoot

I might consider doing this if the weather warms up a bit. Have just been for a run along Bexhill seafront and am still shaking despite coffee and breakfast. It is arctic out there. I need to invest in some decent running gear – a windproof jacket, sweat-proof gloves and a pair of WARM leggings, rather than the ill-fitting threadbare Topshop ones I am currently using.

Spencer Tunick is looking for 1,000 volunteers to take part in his latest photoshoot. The aim is to portray everyday people at work, in the style of Salford artist LS Lowry. The work will be on show at The Lowry in Salford from June to September.

Here’s more info on Tunick and his work.

Public art. I love it.

Off to have a bath to warm up now.

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