Smörgåsbord: a Conscious Playshop


What is it: Smörgåsbord: a Conscious Playshop for Valentine’s at Sacred Pleasures, London’s sex-positive space for personal growth, BDSM workshops, Tantra workshops and sacred sexual healing. A two-day event hosted by Claire Black and London Faerie. They say:

‘This Valentine’s Faerie and Claire offer you Smörgåsbord: a luscious weekend celebrating love and pleasure in all its delicious diversity. We invite you to spend two full days in community with other open-hearted people, whether you identify as a single, a couple, a triple or some other configuration that doesn’t have a name.

‘During this pansexual and panamorous weekend we’ll embrace everything: deep connection, casual fun, flirty playfulness, sluttiness – and even celibacy (if that’s what’s right for you). We’ll say yes to monogamy, yes to polyamory and yes to the subtle shades and variants in between. However you find yourself right now, there’s a place for you at the Smörgåsbord.’

When: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February. Noon – 8pm each day plus social time on Saturday evening.

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Photo credit: CJ Crum


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