Shakti Tantra: an invitation to pleasure

I have been invited to an introductory Tantra workshop at Shakti Tantra, to find out more about the work they do. I will be taking my partner along and we will be interviewed on our experience for a feature in Brides magazine.

I have done a couple of Tantric workshops before: an introductory weekend with Leora Lightwoman of Diamond Light Tantra, a sensual massage day with Tantralink, and I had a wonderful yoni massage with Tantric bodyworker Kavida Rei, to help me deal with vaginismus. It helped me and I highly recommend the experience if you are having problems with sex and penetration. I will write up another post on yoni massage, as it’s something I am often asked about, and many people are curious about what it is, and how to do it.

I have heard good things about Shakti Tantra and was planning to book myself in for the Women’s Invitation workshops, so I’m really pleased to be given this opportunity. I’m also thrilled that my partner is coming with me, as Tantra is something I have been wanting us to explore together for a while now. He has been resistant, partly because he is worried that it involves nudity in front of others. I have reassured him that this isn’t the case and that you only do what feel comfortable with. There is no pressure to perform and workshops are usually pretty relaxed. It will be a new experience for us both, and I’m looking forward to exploring the Women’s Invitation workshops when my budget allows.

Have a look at their website if it’s something that appeals. They offer a variety of workshops from beginner to advanced, The Rose & the Thorn (BDSM), taster sessions, and guest speakers. There are two evening talks this month with sex educator Deborah Sundahl, author of Female Ejaculation & the G-spot. I went to one of Deborah’s workshops last year at Coffee, Cake & Kink in London, and found it very enlightening. Have yet to discover my own powers but I’m sure I’ll get there!

Shakti Tantra

Deborah Sundahl
Coffee, Cake & Kink (reopening soon at a new premises in London).

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