Quodoushka: What’s Your Sex Type?

Words: Monique Roffey

Chuluaqui Quodoushka, or Q-training, is a type of neo-shamanistic teaching on sexuality taught by a man known as Harley SwiftDeer Reagan. Reagan, who claims to be half-Cherokee, set up the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society in 1986. Chuluaqui means life force, supposedly, in the ancient star language of the Cherokee. Quodoushka is what happens when two energies come together through lovemaking, creating more.

‘Quodosh’, according to sex magician Louis T. Culling, is also the name of the Third Degree ritual in Western sex magick, where bodily emissions during intercourse are mixed and used as powerful elixirs.

The Deer Tribe claim that their brand of teaching comes from the Twisted Hairs Council of Elders, one that it takes knowledge from many different places and tribes and weaves (or twists) it together. This council of elders is most mysterious. Apparently, it’s a council of the 250 tribes in North, South and Central America. These elders are intertribal medicine people who can transcend traditional earthly limitations to collect and share knowledge; they are known in their tribes, but don’t necessarily represent them. In some tribes these elders might even be hated. All of them, however, are ‘high vibration’ operators, that is people with great luminosity, who exhibit the highest points of light. SwiftDeer is one of these elders. He was among those chosen by the council to share some of the teachings of the Twisted Hairs with people of all races in preparation for 2012, the dawn of the New Age.

Googling SwiftDeer is somewhat disconcerting. Serious academic historians call him a clown. The Cherokee Nation call him a ‘plastic shaman’ and many others deride and denounce his claims of heroism in Vietnam and that he has various martial arts medals and awards. He is also known as ‘Gunnie’ Reagan because of his fondness for guns, and he is the president of an organisation called Keep and Bear Arms.

I’ll stop there.

Needless to say, despite all of this, in the spirit of my quest I signed up for round one of quodoushka, known as Q-training.

Nisarg and I had agreed to share a room and do all the structures together. He’d attended Q-1 twice before and felt there were always new things to learn. The main reason I’d agreed to do the course with him was that I was expecting it to be the most challenging and intimate of all the workshops I’d done so far. I didn’t want to be thrown into an advanced course with a complete stranger; an ex-lover was preferable by far.

A couple called Batty Gold and Rose Fink were our teachers. Batty, in his early sixties, was tall, with white curls tied up in a ponytail, clear blue eyes and striking Hawaiian shirts. Rose was in her late forties, thin as a broom and sexy. She wore a skin-tight scarlet dress throughout and red high heels, and talked in a quick, funky Austrian staccato. They both smoked in the breaks, as did most of the class participants – in tantra workshops, smoking is unheard of. They’d been together for twenty-seven years and, they explained, their relationship veered from open to closed. They taught Quodoushka all over the world. 

They were an immediately impressive and likeable couple, attractive to be around. I forgot my reservations about SwiftDeer: he had two very cool cats representing him.

Nisarg was right, this was a very different kind of workshop. Much less experiential. Batty and Rose talked a great deal, sometimes together, sometimes in turns. They had a lot of information to pass on – and we sat taking notes.

First, they showed us the general principals of the medicine wheel and how it relates to sex. The medicine wheel is some thing you either accept or don’t – a metaphor for the cyclic nature of the natural world. But the language of the medicine wheel is still used by shamanistic communities on every continent.

In Quodoushka, each point on the wheel relates to an elemental force and so to a type of sexual energy. For example, the north is associated with air and the head and this is a receiving energy; the west is the element of earth, a holding energy. The medicine wheel can also be used to depict various types of relationship: in the north, open, or shared; in the east, celibate; in the south, a triadic relationship and monogamy in the west. Even types of sexuality can be mapped on to the wheel: bisexuality in the north, homosexuality in the east, ambisexuality in the south and heterosexuality in the west.

Rose and Batty also described the various and invisible human shields which are all around us. We use these to protect and defend ourselves at any given time; they switch and revolve as needed. I found I didn’t want to ask too many questions; they were unpacking a whole system of knowledge so alien to my Western secular rationale that it would have been pointless, even disrespectful. I found it fascinating.

They discussed the different levels of orgasm, first level orgasm being the most common – the ‘untrained male’ takes 2.5 minutes to achieve this type. The ‘untrained female’ takes maybe twenty minutes. This is pleasure which spreads to the base chakras only in men; in women it can balance the first three chakras. A quick fuck or wank ensures a level one orgasm. The second level orgasm can be achieved by conscientious students of tantra and yoga. These are orgasms which reach the heart. Some people, however, don’t need this training. Having a heart orgasm can be a matter of simply being more attentive and conscious of one’s body, being more sensitive. Third and fourth level orgasms unite the body and soul with the rest of the universe.

My head was bulging from all the information. That night we practised the Fire Breath, something I’d already tried with both John Hawken and Sarita, a heart meditation ritual that involves raising the sexual energy up the chakras. This meditation can be done alone and is all about healing the self; by using your imagination you can learn to ‘run the energy’ up and down your body. If you do this meditation three times a week you can learn a lot about how your body functions. We all stripped off and did this naked in the group room. It takes about an hour and leaves the body fizzing and energised.

The next day, more note-taking, this time about the elemental expressions of orgasm. Batty and Rose talked of the four types of male and female orgasm, relating them to various birds, animals and elemental extremes. In the west of the wheel, for example, there’s the earthquake orgasm for women, associated with the raven or crow. It is a very physical experience and shakes the body. The build up is slow, but gets faster and a woman usually makes loud staccato noises. 

‘This is the kind of orgasm which you see women making in Hollywood films,’ said Rose. Ha. Indeed.

 foxy lady

That second afternoon we were to find out about our own genital types. This was demonstrated first on the wheel, then on a flipchart and then via photographs of anonymous genitals. The teachings passed down to the Deer Tribe claim that there are nine different genital types, eight of which are associated with a specific animal. The ninth type are either Dancing Men or Dancing Women.

According to the Deer Tribe, around fifty per cent of all women are in the centre of the wheel: these, they call Dancing Women. These women, the teachings say, have their clitoris placed quite high above the entrance to the vagina and their G- spot is also deep and hidden by a fold of tissue; therefore just ‘in and out’ thrusting doesn’t give them pleasure. They need a patient and skilful lover to bring them to orgasm, one who’ll deliver a lot of manual and oral stimulation as well. All too often these women do not have the luck of finding such a lover; especially post-childbirth, they give up on themselves or their partners; they physically and spiritually dry up. They turn to other options: settling into celibate relationships, that, or they self-pleasure, or turn to their own sex, other women.

This made me sad and thoughtful. It seemed an eerily plausible explanation for so much female dissatisfaction, why so many women claim they don’t orgasm, don’t even like sex.

They need careful loving attention; they don’t want to be hard fucked by a man with a big cock. Very few women do, is my guess.

The Deer Tribe say these teachings have existed for thousands of years. The modern day teachers use photographs to show Q students, but these in turn have been verified by the elders.

What amazed me was the detail they went into: what a particular type of woman’s outer and inner lips looked like, where her G-spot was located, where her clitoris was, high or low, what a woman’s secretions smelt like, sweet or bitter, if she was hot or cool inside, if she ejaculated, if she had a tilted cervix, if she liked to have intercourse while menstruating, if she was noisy or quiet during orgasm, the depth of her vagina. It was also fascinating to discover what kind of women were the deepest and made the best porn stars (deer), which women were the natural hunters (wolves, foxes and cats), which women were always wet (sheep), which women were shallow (buffalo). We learnt that genital types and personality types are also linked. Nisarg said he thought I was probably a wolf; this is the great hunter of the female pack, the big extrovert. Qui, moi?

The Indian Kama Sutra has similar types of animal names for genitals, but these are much less sophisticated, relating to size only, three types for each sex. In Quodoushka, there are eight animal names for male and female genitalia. For women, you can be a wolf, antelope, deer, fox, sheep, cat, buffalo or bear. For men, a horse, elk, deer, ram, coyote, dog, bear, or pony.

What type was I? There was only one way to find out. Rose drew the curtains. She arranged a chair in the centre of the room. The women formed a circle around the chair, the men formed a circle around the women. Rose went first. She wasn’t wearing underwear; she simply hitched up her skirt, sat on the chair and opened her legs.

‘I am an antelope,’ she said. We all leant forward.

One by one every woman slipped off her knickers and sat on the chair. One by one Batty and Rose, who sat on the floor on either side of the chair, judged our genital types. There was one bear woman. The rest were either wolves or antelopes (who are full of energy and like to jump about). I went near the end; I can’t remember if I was nervous. As with all my adventures, curiosity pushed me forward. I peeled off my knickers and took a deep breath. I sat on the chair and parted my legs.

‘I think I’m a wolf, too,’ I said.

Batty and Rose leant forward. Rose frowned. ‘No, I don’t think so,’ she said.

‘Really?’ I murmured. I spread myself wide open, both pairs of lips now visible.

‘Ah,’ said Batty. ‘See? Those little ears?’

I certainly couldn’t see any ears, couldn’t see myself at all from my vantage point. But he seemed so sure, even affectionate in his judgement. Rose nodded.

‘You’re fox,’ said Batty.

I felt a flush of pride. Me? A fox? It was the nicest thing anyone had said to me in a long time. You’re a fox. Of course I was.

I beamed and closed my legs. ‘Thank you,’ I murmured. I was a hunter, yes, but a smaller creature than the wolf; cuter, too.

Fox women are on the southeast of the medicine wheel, in between sheep and deer. We have a hood over our clitoris, and this is clearly visible. The inner lips, when open, curve a little and are serrated. We are quite deep. The G-spot isn’t spongy, but smooth, three centimetres inside the vagina. Fox women are quick and fast movers (along with antelope, deer and cats); we can do long and short build-ups to orgasm, have fast or long rolling climaxes. We hunt at night and are private, family-orientated people. We can be loners – and we like to give our lovers breakfast. These were the facts Rose had given us earlier. I dislike being easily typified; yet these facts are not only complex, but also accurate.

Knowing what genital type you are is helpful, according to Rose. You can explain yourself to lovers, who you are and what you’re like inside and out. I was grateful for the information. I looked forward to telling the next man I met that I’m a fox woman.

This is an extract from With the Kisses of His Mouth by Monique Roffey, published by Simon & Schuster. Provocative and explicitly candid, this is a memoir which explores hidden worlds and breaks new ground. It is the story of an extraordinary love affair, a devastating break-up and what happened next: a sexual odyssey…

Photo credit: Konstantin Yuganov

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