Pelvic toning and tantric sex

I spoke to Gabriella Howson, MD of Tonicity, a specialist women’s health and beauty clinic, which has recently opened in London. I asked her to write a guest post for my blog on the benefits of pelvic toning, and the services on offer at Tonicity. A major benefit of having toned PC muscles is an improved sex life – better orgasms and sensation for both partners, which in turn, will improve and increase libido because you’ll both get a lot more out of it. She has the following to say about Tantric sex:

The Secret of Tantric Sex

Have you ever wondered about how tantric sex works? Do you think it’s just impossible and something celebs get up to?

Tantric sex and the joys it brings is something that all women can and should experience. The key to tantric sex is not scented candles, or Kama Sutra moves, it’s actually more about knowing a few simple breathing and concentration techniques and having toned pelvic floor muscles. If you can control your pelvic floor you can move the individual muscles during sex to heighten the experience for both of you, and add in breathing techniques, which allows you to start stacking orgasms as sensations multiply throughout your body.

The first step to Tantra is toning your pelvic floor muscles (PFM), for which you do something call Kegel exercises, which involves contracting and releasing your core muscles. Once you are able to draw in the pelvic floor muscles, avoiding using your abs or gluts and can hold a contraction for 10-15 seconds you can move onto something more challenging like controlling the individual muscles.

When you are more toned you will be able to build up control of the muscles and be able to isolate them. By isolating each individual muscle or group of muscles, you maximise the results of the exercises. Not only will you be able to strengthen these muscles more efficiently, but you will learn how to identify and control each muscle individually. As a result, you will be able to contract and flex these muscles in ways you never could before – making for some exciting new sensations during sexual encounters.

It’s a simple fact that the more toned your pelvic floor muscle is the more sensation you get during sex and now in London there’s a new way to learn how to control the pelvic floor and improve your sex life with treatments available from a specialist women’s company called Tonicity. The centre offers five different treatments for the core body muscles including Fleurie, an anti-ageing treatment which works to reduce the waist, tone stomach muscles and the pelvic floor using new electro stimulation techniques. These treatments rejuvenate the body and also are great for your sex life.

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If you’re interested in exploring Tantric sex I recommend doing a workshop with Shakti Tantra. They offer various workshops and taster events around the UK, for mixed and single sex. I did a Desire intro day recently with Matt, which was excellent. Workshops focus on body image – how do you feel about yourself? How to have a better self-image, and include practical exercises and communication techniques – verbal and non-verbal to help deepen your relationship to yourself and your partner. Very practical and useful techniques that can be implemented day-to-day, and not at all intimidating, or hippie drippy.

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