Mr Lost by Angie Voluti – excerpt

Mr LostThis week’s sexy read is an extract from Angie Voluti’s book Mr Lost, an exploration of adultery, female desire and fantasies…


2008-04-30 @ 15:22:20

Adultery and forgiveness

by lucreziaborgia  

What is adultery? Is its avoidance essential to the continuation of mankind? Would choosing to enjoy a wider range of partners hack at the very foundation of society?

This is a well researched subject, of course. The civic and religious implications have been carefully weighed over millennia.

Naturally, when one is actually suffering from ‘roving eye syndrome’, the temptation is to downplay its significance. The less serious it is, the lighter one’s conscience.

As I am currently jogging alongside my tumultuous heart, I am unlikely to read the numerous passages in the Bible that address the issue with lead-heavy severity. Even then, my attention would automatically turn to the promise of forgiveness, which blunts the sharp edges of sin and its capacity to cut a wedge of guilt into one’s soul.

Of course adultery is a dangerous activity, whether fulfilled in the flesh or suspended in an imaginative limbo of intention. Mutually exclusive relationships protect the original social molecule: the childless family.

It must have been a single man who said that children cement a marriage. In truth, the intervention of new people, be they ever so small, savages your position as an individual and your relationship with your spouse.

If I had no children, several things might stop me from considering a ‘change of trousers’. For a start, there would be more time for wild sex and chasing each other naked around the house without attendant youngsters screaming, ‘You’re IT! You’re IT!’

Second, I’d have more time to sleep, relax and be spontaneous, rather than having to plan naughty evenings down to the smallest detail around the children’s dinner, bath-time and bed story, with or without tears, upset tummies, nightmares or wet sheets. Who wants to disrobe and ride the bull, metaphorically or not, having been drained of all energy? How often do you whisper: ‘Darling, slaving over the stove to cook an acceptably tasty and healthy meal, insisting that it be eaten, doing the washing-up, clearing-up and tidying-up, being soaked by water pistols at bathtime and finally managing to straightjacket the pests into bed has made me extremely horny…’

Really? You surprise me.

When sex with your legal partner is just another household chore, sex with a stranger promises a temporary release from the loving shackles of the family.

And there’s always forgiveness. Isn’t there?

* * *

Mr Lost is published by Fitch Media and available on Amazon. 

Read an interview with the author here.

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