Katy Swann on 50 Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey gave writer Katy Swann the impetus she needed to write a new BDSM romance novel. The Ultimatum, book one in the Dominion series is out now.

I, like so many others, went to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with great anticipation.  I went with an open mind, aware of all the criticism, but wanting to form my own opinion and, despite the bad reviews, I enjoyed it. 

As an author of BDSM romance I was particularly interested to see how they handled the BDSM elements, especially the D/s.  I’m fully aware of the divisions this book has caused, both amongst vanilla readers and the BDSM community, and I respect everyone’s opinions, but I do feel that some of the critique has been a little harsh.  I’m not about to lecture anyone on the morals of the movie, plenty of other people have already done that.  The only thing I’ll say is that people need to remember that the movie is the first of three.  The story doesn’t end when the credits roll up so, unless these people have read all three books and actually know the full story, they’re not really in a position to judge.  Those who have read the other two books will know there’s a reason why Christian is the way he is and will also know that Ana is not a ‘victim’.

I love writing about the D/s dynamic within a relationship.  Although there is a good dose of bondage, spanking and flogging in my books it’s the Dominance and submission that I love most.  And it’s thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey that I can be so open about it now.  I have to say that I don’t personally feel there is any true D/s in the movie, but there is kinky sex and a budding love story.  Let’s not forget that if Christian wasn’t a damaged, obsessed, kinky millionaire there wouldn’t be a story, a trilogy or a movie.  

Before FSOG I’d been thinking of writing a BDSM romance.  I wanted to show the reader how a relationship based on Dominance and submission can be a beautiful thing, how an erotic spanking can be really sexy and how the trust needed in such a dynamic can make a relationship stronger.  FSOG gave me that little push I needed to actually do it, and to write my new book, The Ultimatum

One thing that nobody can deny about FSOG is how it has catapulted erotic fiction into the mainstream.  It has inspired new authors of BDSM romance to start writing, it has made the seemingly taboo less intimidating and, despite what some people might say, it has given some people (not just women) the chance to explore a part of their sexuality that they had previously denied. 

Whatever your thoughts on the FSOG phenomenon there’s no escaping the fact that it has given our genre an acceptance that I don’t think would otherwise have happened.  Even the local supermarket is selling FSOG merchandise and the really funny thing is that nobody bats an eyelid at it.  That can only be a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

The Ultimatum:

Katy Swann


This is book one in the Dominion series, see the full series listing here.

Once a submissive, always a submissive, right? Maybe she needs a little reminder.

Frankie Hamilton is stunned when her husband, Jake, gives her an ultimatum—either she goes with him to a country hotel for the weekend or he’ll leave her. In an attempt to save her troubled marriage she agrees to go.

But Dominion is no ordinary hotel. During the week it’s an upmarket conference centre, but at weekends it becomes an exclusive BDSM hotel. This particular weekend it’s Vanilla Spice, where those new or returning to BDSM can explore their fantasies in a safe and decadent environment.

When Jake asks her to submit one more time, Frankie is initially outraged. After all, it’s been two years since their D/s dynamic ended and she’s no longer a submissive. Is she? She still loves Jake and doesn’t want to lose him so she agrees, even if it’s just to prove that she’s now as vanilla as the ice cream in their freezer.

But Frankie is soon reminded of how delicious it feels to kneel at her Master’s feet. Her fondness for punishment and a good spanking leaves her begging for more. And when their old friend and owner of Dominion, Marco Alessi, offers to use her as the subject for a rope demo she’s finally forced to face up to her kinky needs.

But that’s not the only thing she has to come to terms with. Beneath her tough exterior lies a grief that has been buried for two years. As her submission starts to melt the icy core inside her heart, it sets off a chain of events and emotions that could either make her marriage stronger than ever or completely destroy it. 

Listen to Katy reading an excerpt from the book. 


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