How to make love last

Tomorrow evening at The School of Life:

‘Literature, film, music and indeed all the arts present us with endless stories of passionate, romantic and ultimately doomed love. Is love something we’re destined to fall in and out of, or can it be sustained over time? Is sexual desire the essential lubricant, a stairway to spiritual union, or a pale companion compared to friendship and trust?

Single, coupled or just plain curious, this class will carry you beyond the dizzying heights of passion and explore what happens when the honeymoon ends.

Drawing on a rich tapestry of examples, we’ll contemplate how partners can be both together yet separate, and explore whether we should seek to know our significant other fully or cultivate an appreciation of their essential mystery. We’ll practice the skills required to deepen our connection, and look at ways to deal with conflict when communication breaks down.

Finally, we’ll study the art of standing in love, and see whether our dreams of bliss can in fact co-exist with the starker realities of life in a relationship long-term and manifest as part of a broader ecology of love.’

How To Make Love Last

30th June 2011

Price £30.50

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