How to look good naked

Just settling down with Julieta to watch the new series of auntie Gok’s “How to Look Good Naked.” It’s the first show to feature a male makeover for 35-year-old Simon Wainwright, who has lost his confidence after having surgery to correct curvature of the spine (he has Scheuermann’s disorder). He’s repulsed by his body, thinks he has no muscle definition, and spends most of his time at home.

Looking forward to seeing how it goes. He’s slim but he looks fine. It’s nice to see the various experiments giving him a real boost.

We’ve all got bits we dislike and I had to face mine on a UK Goddess weekend workshop (stripping naked wasn’t the problem but I insisted on leaving my cami top on to cover my tiny titties). Aside from that, it’s my wobbly thighs and bottom (which I’m working on with the holistic bikini workout), and my canoe size 7.5/8 feet. I would love a style makeover to revamp my wardrobe so will be contacting Katie Day Consulting soon, (she does personal style makeovers and coaching, and consulted on Gok’s show).

Which body bits do you dislike and why? Does it affect your confidence with dating and the opposite sex?

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