Forget Your Head – Simon Bolz

Here’s a guest post from Simon Bolz, a German photographer based in Frankfurt. He blogs about nude photography and his inspirations and says ‘I make art, not porn. Sensual and tasteful nude art. In my works I celebrate the beauty and appeal of the female body without crossing the line’. The attached video is a collaboration with New York City based rock band InAshton.


InAshton’s song ‘Forget Your Head’ is featured in the latest sensual work by German nude art photographer Simon Bolz (featuring model ‘Kamilka’.) Clear out the kids and make sure the boss is at lunch to check out this sizzling (NSFW) video:

The song is essentially about a guy telling his arguing girl that despite the fact that he’s given her reasons to leave the relationship, he loves her and wants her to stay. So he urges her to stop over-thinking all the logic to leave – “Forget her head” – and instead just follow her heart’s desire to stay and keep working on their love for one another.

‘I loved collaborating with the band from New York,” says Simon. ‘From the first contact via e-mail, it just felt right. The lead singer Morgan seemed cool and I instantly was on fire for this project. I wrote a quick story-board and had photos of the lead singer printed to include him into the video’.

There’s also a photo series accompanying the video clip.

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