Wall of Vagina

I’ve just signed up to have a cast made of my vagina by Brighton-based sculptor Jamie McCartney. This is an ambitious project and Jamie is looking for volunteers for the rest of this month so if you’d like to be involved get in touch via his website. Here are his comments on the project: –

Design A Vagina is the third in a series exploring our relationship with our genitals. I have completed the first panel of 40 casts, arranged in a grid. The final piece will have 4 panels of 40 casts so I still need 120 volunteers. The process uses safe, non toxic materials. It’s fast and fun, so come on down and be a 1/160th of history in the making.

You can have a personal cast made to keep for a reduced fee of £50.

So, why is he doing this? His website explains the reasons for it in more detail. He is commenting on the trend for surgery to create the ‘perfect’ vagina and is trying to show that there are many shapes and sizes of vagina and that women are beautiful as they are.

The exhibition is ongoing and developing. You can see the first part of Design A Vagina at the Impure Gallery in Brighton.

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