Changing the Channel and Phenomenal Women

I came across Felicity Le Rouge’s first book, Changing the Channel, last week. Felicity is a Hastings-based writer who runs a training and coaching consultancy called The Thriveologist. She also hosts Phenomenal Women tranformation events with two other author coaches. She is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and create a life of meaning.

I met her recently at a Sugargroup networking evening – monthly get-togethers for women in business in Sussex. She was wearing a pair of zebra-print knee high boots, which looked fabulous, and generously donated a prize of 2-1 tickets to the next Phenomenal Women event she is hosting in March with two other authors.

Changing the Channel is a modern day fable about self-discovery and new beginnings – a spiritual journey for the newly divorced Lily Butler. Lily travels to the exotic island of Pele to join the Ultimate Peer Group, hoping for a fresh start after the breakdown of her marriage. The book explores the challenges she faces and how she begins to change her mindset and view life from a different perspective.

It introduces the concept of the Oneness Experience, which is also referred to as Deeksha (the Sanskrit word for benediction). In the book it is called the blessing and described as a transfer of energy via touch or intention. A person who receives the blessing regularly is more relaxed and centred, has a more balanced view of life, and is less reactive to day-to-day dramas.

My first thought was aha, yes, a daily massage, which I’m convinced would help me to get into the zone. I’m really looking forward to reading this book and seeing how I can apply it to my own journey. Felicity’s website has lots of interesting testimonials and a sample extract from chapter 1, which drew me in.

The next Phenomenal Women workshop takes place on March 20th in London from 9am-5pm. The speakers are Felicity Le Rouge, Susie Mitchell, coach and author of Satnav For The Soul, and Brigitte Sumner, author of Give Him Back His Balls. It will help you to:

Awaken feminine essence
Communicate for greater effect
Re-ignite the polarity and passion in your relationship
Recognise your strengths as a woman in business
Be the leader you want to see in the world.

For further info about the event, call 07879 640187.

Changing the Channel is published by Ecademy Press and available on Amazon.

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