Bring Back SexEd protest today at the Old Palace Yard, Westminster

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Sex educator and ‘1st Lady of Sex’ Charlotte Rose will be conducting the largest open debate on sex education outside Parliament today at 2pm to protest against the decision to drop compulsory sex education in schools. A very strange decision, which is at odds with Nicky Morgan’s views along with many other cabinet ministers. Bring a chair, school tie, cap, notebook and pen and participate in the largest and most informative #SexEd class in history that will explore why why really need it. 

The aim of the protest is to gather signatures, to raise awareness of the implications of the cuts and to protect the rights of sexual freedom, not just for adults but children too. Charlotte has teamed up with Quietly Kinky, Sex & Censorship, It’s Adult and other campaigning groups. 

Charlotte says:
Without education in sexual diversities, identities, orientation, pregnancy, STI’s, marriage, emotions, consent, fantasies, fetishes and boundaries plus more, it would mean all rights of sexual freedom would be lost. Let’s protect our children today by teaching the essential knowledge of love, sex, relationships and wellbeing by giving them the options for choosing a safer, respectful and empowered future. Let’s learn how to love one other by learning how to respect one another without barriers.
She is looking for speakers, schools and supporters to join in with the event.

Wishing them well today. 

Please share, sign, support and RT: @bringbacksexed. 


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