Boudoir photoshoots with Nicky Thomas

I did a photoshoot today with Nicky Thomas, a photographer based in Polegate, East Sussex. She specialises in lifestyle pics, weddings, and children and has an impressive portfolio – part of which is on display in her studio in Polegate High Street. One particular image caught my eye – a man kissing and caressing his partner’s very pregnant belly. It looked beautiful and really captured what is such a special time. It’s something I wish I’d had done professionally when I was expecting Julieta, as it would be lovely to share the memory with her now. (Brighton-based artist and sculptor Jamie McCartney creates tummy casts of mummies-to-be, as well as vaginal casts, as part of his work).

The photoshoot is for Naughty Nicci, an adult dating site I am launching next month – hopefully in time for Valentine’s Day. I briefed Nicky and said I would like to have a selection of images – some for the site and others for me to use for general publicity shots and magazine features.

I can’t say I was feeling particularly glam or sexy today – bag-lady eyes, a haircut gone wrong (he went mad with the scissors and severed it), and am fuelled on caffeine after four hours’ sleep last night. I was up too late organising clothes to wear and getting bits done.

Somehow, Nicky managed to get the best out of me, and had me pouting, hand on hip, and blowing kisses (Beyonce and red wine helped). I will take a girlfriend next time, as I think it’s easier to turn it on for the camera when you have someone to spark off. We did several different looks and changes of outfit (I borrowed a cute camouflage backless Diesel dress from the Who’s Wearing What ladies’, a denim pencil skirt, a Sur les dos des filles bamboo tank dress, and the darling vintage jacket I won. Thank you ladies, for helping me out.

Nicky is a natural photographer and immediately puts you at ease. It’s not easy to turn it on for the camera but she has a way of putting you at ease and making you relax. It’s helpful to have the photographer take the lead first off, so that you get an idea of how to hold your body, how to pose, how to hold a hat, and how to angle your face and body for the best shot. Quite a revelation and great fun. I would have been equally happy naked – though we didn’t take it that far. I just wanted someone sexy to roll around on the black velvet bed with me 😉

I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product, and Nicky will upload them to her website, password-protected, so I can have a look and choose the ones I like the best. It was a really inspiring afternoon and made me feel great. I highly recommend Nicky’s approach, if you want to have some boudoir pics done for yourself.

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