Advantages of Age


How do you feel about getting older? 

Ageing is something to celebrate and in some tribes matriarchs rule the roost, making the decisions on how things roll and enjoying a status that comes with wisdom and maturity. Sadly we don’t have a particularly positive view of ageing in the west. It is often negatively presented in the media and shit happens: like older female news anchors being sidelined and replaced by younger ones. There aren’t enough positive stories, art and exhibitions around the benefits of ageing and the freedom that comes with it. 

I’ve been invited to participate in an exciting new venture that aims to put this right. Advantages of Age sprung out of a lively conversation in a hot tub amongst friends. Here’s what journalist Rose Rouse posted on Facebook about it:

Are you sick of reading and hearing negative stuff about age? Advantages of Age is an idea that sprung out of a lively conversation in a hot tub. Where else. Suzanne Noble, Ingrid Stone, Kate Monro, Caroline Bobby, Claire, Amanda and I were discussing the difference between how we actually feel – i.e. sexy, creative, on it, inspired – in ourselves as women over 45, and the way we are made out to be in the media!!

Fuck that shit.

We are going to change all of that. We plan to put out a newsletter every week with our opinions, inspirations and ideas. It’s for men too. We’d love it if you’d contribute, give us feedback and support us. It’s going to be an adventure… Please share this with your friends and we’d love it if you’d sign up to the newsletter.

We have no agenda other than to tell our stories and those of others, reflect, inspire, provoke more thought and obviously, laugh a lot. We’re not into grumblings, cantankerous ramblings or dissing the kids. There are lots of good ages in life. This is just another one of them.

Suzanne Noble says: 

I host a monthly night in my Jacuzzi to which I invite 4 or 5 women that live close by. It always ends up being quite raucous and lively and we usually end up talking about sex. I’m sure we shock the neighbours. It was one of those evenings that the idea for Advantages of Age came about. It suddenly struck us that the stories we were telling were not the ones being told in the media. We wanted to change that and so the next day I bought the domain and started working on the site. 

Advantages of Age is about breaking away from the invisible-we’re-getting-older line. We have a new narrative and we’re dying to tell it. We’re surrounded by friends in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s who whether they’re single or coupled, are having a richly creative time. They’ve found freedom with age not limitation. We want to fill Advantages of Age with opinion pieces on outrageous ways of living, groovy street style, artists blossoming in their dotage, rebellious ways of dealing with death, hilarious points of view, poetry celebrating age, essays on what older women want sexually and much more. It’s our big adventure.

Come and join us at We’d love contributions by March 7th initially – email us on

I’ll post something on photographer Holly Wren’s new exhibition Love Lived, which I’m going to see in London this weekend. It celebrates the older generation and their universal and timeless experiences of love. A positive view of marriage is something else we don’t hear much about in the media either. 

Fancy contributing? You can sign up here

Photo: Bodies of Subversion by Margot Mifflin


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