Reading in bed

Amusing story in the Daily Mail about how you can ‘woo’ your lover by reading to them in bed. According to the survey (by Carte Noire coffee brand), bedtime stories are the ideal aphrodisiac, with 7 out of 10 men regularly reading to their ladies in bed, to help them relax.

I love the idea, and have to say I love it when my partner reads to me. He has an eloquent, deep voice, which was one of the first things that attracted me to him. His ability to write was the other. Yes, I’m romantic and I like being written to. We had a virtual romance for a while, and I really looked forward to receiving his texts and emails, which then became love letters.

For the most part, I read bedtime stories to Julieta, to help her nod off, so I think it’s time to revive the tradition for us. I have a couple of sexy pillow books that might do the trick: The Romantic Lover, and The Adventurous Lover, from the revamped New Joy of Sex series by Susan Quilliam.

Not sure about the 7 out of 10 statistic, though. I’m not sure that many men read out loud to their partners regularly (shopping lists don’t count). Maybe I’m wrong. Is this a regular thing for you? What kind of stuff does your partner read to you before bed? Does it help you nod off or is it a precurser to sex? It’s worth keeping a copy of Scarlet magazine by the bed (it has a pull-out steamy section called Cliterature.) My other tip would be to go bed earlier, so that you don’t both fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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