Seaside Belle – The Long Haul

Plenty of FishMy hormones have abated. I have stopped stalking date no.1. It nearly worked, we were going to meet on Tuesday. Snow in March. Mother Nature has more than one way to ruin a girl’s day! Still, it’s all part of learning how to play the game. What an inevitable shame that the trial run was the best of the bunch so far.

Mind you, my stats this week are phenomenal.

POF stats week 4

Would like to meet me button hits – 23
Messages – 173
Added me as a favourite – 5
Dates….0. Yes I know, not so impressive, I did try.

It’s an irony so typical of life that while I’ve been hankering after date no. 1 there are now others hankering after me. Mr T seems like an extremely nice man. We have been chatting and he likes to call me gorgeous. I should like that? Hmm, somehow I feel he should meet me first. My decision to use the thin photo is haunting me, I’m going to have to change it.

In the boiling cauldron of internet dating honesty is important and normal niceties do not apply. One chap let me know that he needed an explanation of ‘a few extra pounds’. So I told him. I didn’t even get a thanks but no thanks! It appears to be a buyer’s market and the competition must be thinner than me. Mr T, on the other hand is quite a lot larger than your average minnow…which puts me right off. When questioned, he told me that he considered 39 texts in 6 days to be holding back. I’m going to have to unhook and throw him back in. Clearly I want to have my cake and eat it…so long as it doesn’t stick to my hips.

So, while still secretly hoping that date no. 1 will call (fat chance), I am arranging to meet a teetotal Buddhist for herbal tea…not the obvious choice for a shambolic atheist but you never know .

Addendum – worst chat up line of the week – ‘Ladies, come and see my rod. It’s got lots of tasty worms on it’. Ewwww.

Seaside Belle writes a weekly column on her life, loves and the dramas of dating again in your 40s. Follow her on twitter @seasidebelle.

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