Seaside Belle – Smoke on the Water

Plenty of FishI am my own worst nightmare. Just a few glasses of wine and I broke the rules again. Lord! What am I like?

What seemed a pithy text take on disappointment in the evening definitely reads like the rantings of a lunatic in the am. I can’t even text an apology for that would surely be stalking and I don’t want to get arrested. Poor man, I only met him once. But it does go to show that he stirred some powerful emotions. Emotions that haven’t been stirred for quite a while. If you’re reading this and feeling brave next time you are in town then call me, I’ll try to be less frantic!

In fact that’s it. I’m in way too much of a rush. A thoroughly modern girl I’m expecting instant results, just like those of so many friends of mine who tell me that they married Mr 1, 2 or 3. However, they weren’t me. It takes a very specific type of fish to get me flapping my fins. I suppose I should take heart from the fact that date 1 was so close … pond half full etc.

So, what shall I do. I’m just not taken with the current haul.

POF statistics week 2.5 – 3
Would like to meet me button hits – 6 
Messages – 9 
Favourites – 0
Dates – 0 (yes still nil, zero and nada…must try harder)

I did try. I got a WLTM from a chap in Kent who looked promising. And I pursued a rather turgid conversation for most of a day. “How are you?”, “What’s the weather like in Ramsgate?” But then! And this time it wasn’t my fault (honest), he disappeared off the face of the internet. Gone. One minute we’re boring each other to death, the next he’s been deleted. I briefly wondered whether the men have set up a don’t go there reference list for girls that get too keen, too soon. But then I reminded myself that that’s the kind of thinking which gets you locked up. He’s just vanished and that’s that and frankly, I’m just not bothered.

What is bothering me is the lack of electricity at my place. It seems a mouse has nibbled something and it’s going to cost a fortune to repair. Hmmm, are there any electricians out there?

Seaside Belle writes a weekly column on her life, loves and dramas in dating as a forty-something single mum. 

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