Seaside Belle – Becalmed

Plenty of FishShould I be happy that a 27-year-old is repeatedly messaging me with photos of his privates and urgent pleas to meet him within the hour? He’s even added me as a favourite! What a shame I’m not a man, I’m told that a man would love that. For me it just seems rather sad and bizarre, even if he is rather cute….hmm could I? No, well not yet anyway!

What is this game all about? Numbers of notches on the bedposts? Or do I really want the real thing – and am I ready? After a little flurry of saucy texts with last week’s no-show, radio silence recommenced. Having reminded myself of the rules I’m determined to follow them this time.

So what’s on the horizon?

POF statistics week 2.5

But none of them float my boat this time. It’s clearly very easy to grab a grapple – shockingly so in fact. But, liberal as I may be, I do want more than that. It doesn’t have to be the real thing but I’m too old for guessing games. It dawns on me that while the internet takes the strain to a point, you do actually end up meeting real people with real foibles and real feelings – and that includes me. A flurry of texts doesn’t constitute an actual conversation face to face and off-hand comments when translated into black and white leave no room for ease of interpretation.

It’s dawned on me that one has to take a more professional approach. I must write a list of what I want and stick to it. I must interview them like they have interviewed me. I must prepare myself for brutal comparison and I must learn to say NO!!! In short, my shopping list must be altered to fat-free alternatives and favourable personality traits. Cheap at half the price.

Oh Stats…

Would like to meet me button hits – 11
Messages – 6
Added me to favourites – 1
Dates – 0 (as in zero, zilch, nada!)

Seaside Belle writes a weekly column on her life, loves and dramas in dating as a forty-something single mum. Follow her on twitter @seasidebelle. 

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