Vaginal prolapse

Words: Nicci Talbot

Here’s a link to my latest article on vaginal prolapse. It’s a surprisingly common condition that affects a third of us post-pregnancy, hysterectomy, and menopause yet we don’t really talk about it. The article gives an overview of the different types of prolapse and how you can prevent it with diet, exercise, supplement and lifestyle tips.

I’ve made an appointment to see a women’s health physiotherapist to have my pelvic muscle tone assessed so I can adapt my running gait and do some self-care at home. I’m also gathering lots of useful tips from complementary therapists about other things you can do to tone the pelvic area, which your doctor might not tell you about. Michele Campling says there are some acupressure points on the stomach and pelvic area that you can stimulate to help energy flow so I’ll be learning how to do that over the next few weeks. Angie Litvinoff recommends two herbs as a starting point for my research: black and blue cohosh, which both tone the uterus. She has a formula of herbs that women can take pre and post-pregnancy to pull things back into shape, help regulate contractions, and balance hormones naturally. So, if you’re pregnant or have just had a baby and need a little support in that area, contact her directly.

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