The pleasure pillow

Words: Nicci Talbot

Loving The Pleasure Pillow, the newest item in Darkest Star’s Pleasure Garden Project, currently on show at Coco de Mer.

It’s a sexy yet unassuming feather down pillow covered with satin viscose and black cord and features DS’ bespoke orchid print, inspired by the Pleasure Garden salons of 19th century London. The arrival of the first orchid in 1816 titillated high society and paved the way for a series of sensual evening events – Pleasure Gardens – designed to excite and entertain. Orchids became a bit of a status symbol, an obsession termed ‘orchidelirium’. I’m still obsessed with them – female genitalia in art form.

The Pleasure Pillow has hidden openings so you can slip your hands inside, and long silk ties that can be used as a restraint or blindfold.

Darkest Star has teamed up with passion & pleasure coach Dr Vena Ramphal to run a series of salons exploring the core elements of erotic play – giving and receiving, leading and being led, taking charge and surrendering in intimacy. Learn how to work with the pillow to give and receive great pleasure, Tantric style.

The salons will be held at the Dru Cafe, 131 Drummond Street, Euston, London, on Thursday 24th November and Tuesday 7th February 2012. To book a place contact Vena Ramphal:

Where to buy: Coco de Mer, Culture Label, and Darkest Star.

Darkest Star is a contemporary design house combining conceptual art with functional products. Working collaboratively with a diverse group of artistic mediums, each product is an inspirational journey of creativity taking form in fine art, photography, film, fashion, accessories, interiors and sculptures. See the Pleasure Garden Project at Coco de Mer’s Kensington boutique.

Photography: Stephanie Sian Smith
Models: Alice & Sam @ Cosmic
Styling: Alexis Knox
Hair and make up: Oscar Alexander Lundburg

Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism by Deborah Lutz


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