The G-spot – Myth or Reality?

Reading a report by Lois Rogers in The Times today about the g-spot being a myth.

Scientists at King’s College London have carried out a study of 1,800 British women and conclude that there is no evidence to back up the g-spot’s existence. The co-author of the study, Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology said: ‘This is by far the biggest study ever carried out and it shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a g-spot is subjective.’

The team assessed 1,804 identical or non-identical twins, on the basis that identical twins share all of the same genes, and non-identical twins share half their genes. If one twin identifies her g-spot it should follow that her sister will report the same finding. This didn’t happen with the ladies in the study and they concluded that the g-spot is subjective and its existence can’t be proven.

The study has been questioned by g-spot experts such as Beverley Whipple, a professor at Rutgers University, New Jersey – her response being that locating the g-spot is down to sexual technique and how can this be measured if the twins have different sexual partners?

I found mine (or at least what I presume is my g-spot) a few years ago, and I recommend trying the Lelo Gigi g-spot massager if you want to experiment. It’s a small vibrator with a flat head shaped to stimulate the internal vaginal wall. Best to empty your bladder first..

See The Journal of Sexual Medicine for the full report, and arguments from the for and against g-spot camps.


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