The 5 most popular adult toys and why they became best-sellers

Words: Risque Boutique

The best-selling adult toys are a pretty diverse range of sex toys and  quite a few of them are new technology. These toys are a new generation of adult toys, and they’re all very high quality products.

The vibrating bullet

This is a product that didn’t even exist some years back. It’s a go-anywhere bullet head, a “micro tingler” with an extension tube which is very flexible. The appeal of the bullet is that it’s a very easy to use, reliable thing with a lot of power. It’s also heavy duty, using two AA batteries. The AAs provide a lot of grunt, and this little bullet is capable of anything.

This generation of vibrators is also very quiet and discreet, and it’s one of a whole species of similar bullets which are used in other sex toys. The bullets are extremely popular and trustworthy, no-fuss things to use. They’ve swept through the market and effectively wiped out their competition.

The rabbit vibrators

The two-headed rabbits are without a doubt all time favorites. These vibrators provide a lot of stimulation, and they’re also very durable, all-purpose vibrators in their own right. They come with multiple speeds and types of  “escalation”, which is a revving up from a basic speed.

The rabbits also have “ticklers” and they’re a sort of secret weapon. Ticklers are used for simultaneous stimulation, and that’s been pretty popular as you can imagine. People don’t seem to mind getting as much stimulus as they can, and that’s exactly what the rabbits deliver.


These are a relatively new product range, and they’ve come a long way from their very basic origins. They include the “Perfect Ass”, “Pocket Pussy” and other masturbation sleeves which come with vibrators, and Tenga “Flip Hole Black Harder” from Japan. The emphasis with the “Perfect Ass” and “Pocket Pussy” masturbators is realism, complete with “CyberSkin” for texture.

The popularity isn’t exactly hard to understand. The “Perfect Ass” is a top seller with both vaginal and anal passages. These products are designed to get as close to real sex as possible and they do that pretty efficiently. The vibrators are something else, and they also provide the same sort of power as the traditional vibrators. The “Pocket Pussy” is a sort of articulated penis sleeve which also comes with ribs, and it’s extremely portable.


The ever popular strap-on is now for him or her, and comes with its own vibrator as well. These famous sex toys are all about everyone having fun, and that’s why the strap-ons have been known since ancient times. The vibrators, however, take it to a new level, and if there’s ever a rewrite of the Kama Sutra with extra sex toys, you can bet the strap-ons will be in it.

The dolls

The new species of Japanese dolls are so realistic that you really do have to look twice. This is top quality moulding technology, combined with excellent design, and these dolls really are something special. Take a look at one of these dolls, and see how long it takes you to register you’re not looking at a person.

When looking at the best sellers, you can expect to have fun shopping, as well as using your new toys. Have fun!


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