Submissions wanted – porn & power

The next issue of the magazine will focus on Porn & Power...the politics of porn, feminist porn and different perspectives. The academic Journal Porn Studies launches this Spring so we’ll be speaking to the team behind that for their viewpoint, aims and an alternative perspective, given that they’ve had a lot flack for launching.

We’ll also be chatting to Cindy Gallop for an update on MakeLoveNotPorn TV, her groundbreaking community focused sex ed site.

If you have a unique perspective, experience, or idea for an article we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you’ve worked as a porn performer and have something to contribute on the sexual health side, or you’ve used porn to enhance your relationship and bring in new ideas for play. Maybe you’d like to review or recommend a hot DVD or website… there are lots of new sites run by women/couples that focus on female pleasure so we hope to introduce a few.

The aim is to generate a healthy debate on the issue given that porn is on the political agenda with Sex & Censorship. The definition of ‘porn’ needs some clarification too given that it’s often lumped under the violent and abusive banner in the press.

You can send guest posts using the form below or email me if you’d like to chat further,

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Photo: Barbara Nitke, American Ecstasy.

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