Starglide lubricant

Starglide is a German brand of natural, organic, water-based lubricant. I tried a few of their products recently and really like them. They come in various flavours – Bio Sensitive (contains organic Aloe Vera), Aqua Neutral (contains organic liquorice root), and the fruity flavours: Very Strawberry and Tingle Cola, which contain fruit extracts and taste pretty good, given the usual artificial taste of ‘fruity’ lubes. The fruit flavours are fun and add a little something to oral sex. Starglide is introducing some new flavours shortly, some aphrodisiac such as vanilla, which I’m looking forward to trying.

Here’s my testimonial on the Starglide website, if you’re interested in finding out more about natural lubricants and how they differ from some not so healthy brands.

I have checked out Starglide’s ingredients on various cosmetic databases, and can’t find anything untoward. The only thing I would say is that they do contain vegetable-based glycerin, which is a sugar so if you have recurrent problems with thrush they may not be suitable for you. Yes lubricants do not contain any glycerin so may be a better option. However, I’ve been using Starglide for a while now and haven’t had any problems or skin irritation – they are good quality products and thick in texture so feel sensual to apply. They are all water-based, so compatible with condoms and sex toys, and easy to wash off.

The vagina is highly absorbent – its mucous membranes quickly soak up whatever you put on them because they have no outer layer of protection so it’s vital to use good quality natural lubricants, and to know what ingredients are in them. Some manufacturers such as Durex don’t even state what is in their products, which makes it difficult to assess, and I personally avoid these.

Some studies have also looked at the ingredients in lubricants such as KY Jelly and Astroglide and found that they can impair fertility by affecting the ability of embryos to form in vitro. Some can reduce sperm motility and alter the vaginal pH so that it is not as receptive to sperm. Pat Thomas’ article for The Ecologist: Behind the Label: K-Y Jelly explains this in detail, if you want to do further research.


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