Sex tips – sepia homeopathic remedy

Sepia (cuttlefish or squid ink) homeopathic remedy

Good for: hormonal imbalance, menstrual and menopausal complaints, depression, apathy, vaginal discharge, migraines, poor circulation, and exhaustion.

Cuttlefish produce a black liquid when they feel under threat, which clouds the water so they can escape. This is diluted with milk sugar to create a homeopathic remedy.

“It’s my recommended remedy for tired mums,” says homeopath and healer Angie Litvinoff. “It’s an adrenal tonic, and stimulates the kidneys. Known as the ‘wise woman’ remedy, it is a good hormonal balancer, boosting energy levels and libido in men and women”. Take it up to three times a day and you will soon notice a difference in your mood, energy levels, and sex drive.

Helios online homeopathic remedies (It comes in different potencies so check with a homeopath for recommended dosage).

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