Sex chocolate

A nutritionalist friend, Fiona Corliss, brought over some of her raw chocolate last night for me to try. I’m writing an article on how it can help boost libido, and want to learn how to make it because my daughter is a chocolate addict. I’d like a healthy alternative to Freddy Frog and Cadbury’s Buttons.

I’m nibbling some at the moment. Orange-flavoured, dark raw chocolate and it tastes fab. It’s quite rich so a small piece is enough. An earthy texture and obviously raw i.e. cooked at low temperatures to retain the goodness. Fiona has experimented with flavours and ingredients and has come up with a very tasty alternative to some of the blander recipes available online. She runs chocolate workshops so if you’re interested in learning how to make raw chocolate, and hearing more about natural nutrition, her contact details are below.

I’ll be testing out a few recipes and will post one that tastes nice here.

The health benefits of raw chocolate include:-

Cacao is very high in magnesium, which speeds up your metabolism and promotes energy and weightloss. It is a natural appetite suppressant and helps ease food cravings. The Mayans and Aztecs called chocolate ‘heart blood’, and it is known as ‘food of the heart’. The brain and liver are both reliant on magnesium for optimum functioning.

It’s an aphrodisiac – Montezuma had 50 cups of cacao before visiting his harem. It contains the amino acid arginine, which works like Viagra to enhance arousal and sensation during sex. When stimulated your body releases nitric oxide to the genitals, which makes the smooth muscles relax. Lubrication and sensitivity will improve.

According to Fiona, raw cacao ‘elevates your states of happiness and spices up your love life. It can help you feel more sexy and beautiful whilst protecting you from disease and ageing’.

Raw chocolate also contains: –

Phenylethylamine – helps you focus and stay alert.
Anandamide – so-called bliss chemical, helps you feel good, a natural anti-depressant.
Amino acid Tryptophan – enhances your mood.

The best time to eat it is in the mornings as your metabolism is higher and we all need a kick-start first thing. Mentally, it also gets you thinking about sex, and feeling positive. A good combination to try with Marrena Lindberg’s Orgasmic Diet plan.

Raw Magic Chocolate Shop, Brighton, East Sussex.

Fiona Corliss’ Natural Nutrition & Colonic Irrigation
, Hastings, Battle & Tunbridge Wells.

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