My Secret Life: Vol 1 Chapter 7

Woman riding man, coloured postcard from a collection by Richard von Krafft-Ebing 1840-1902. Wellcome Library London.
Woman riding man, coloured postcard from a collection by Richard von Krafft-Ebing 1840-1902. Wellcome Library London.

My Secret Life, the anonymously written erotic memoirs of a Victorian English gentleman who refers to himself simply as ‘Walter’ is one of the most idiosyncratic and prurient books ever written. In this vast autobiographical confessional the author recounts, in meticulous detail, his sexual exploits throughout the course of a life devoted entirely to the pursuit of carnal knowledge. Through this compelling exploration of the author’s sexual and moral behaviour we are left with a uniquely entertaining insight into life behind the closed doors of Victorian society. My Secret Life is funny, sorrowful, suspenseful, compulsively readable, obscene, titillating, exciting and erotic…we are privy to the thoughts, emotions and memories of one of the most unusual, unsung and colourful characters of the Victorian era.

Now, for the first time, the complete unabridged version of this unique and important text is being narrated and scored by film composer Dominic Crawford Collins as an ‘audiofilm’ (an audiobook in which the emotional landscape is explored through the music score). Each chapter of My Secret Life will be released at monthly intervals over the next ten to fifteen years culminating in a lifetime’s work for the composer and what is likely to become the longest audio book ever to be produced.

Each month we are serialising a new chapter – here’s an excerpt from Volume 1, Chapter 7…

L0028609 Woman seated upon a man like a horse

Chapter VII

At the Manor House.—Fred’s amours.—Sarah and Mary.—What drink and money does.—My second virgin.—My first whore.— Double fucking.—Gamahuching.—Minette.—A belly up and down.

One aunt as said lived in H…shire, a widow; her son, my cousin Fred, was preparing for the Army. I wanted a change, and went by advice to stay there. Fred was a year older than me, wild and baudy to the day of his death, he talked from boyhood incessantly about women. I had not seen him for some time, and he told me of his amours, asking me about mine. I let him know all, without disclosing names; he told me in nearly the words, that it was “a lie,” for he had heard my mother say, that I was the steadiest young fellow possible, and she could trust me anywhere. This, coupled with my quiet look, and the care I took not to divulge names, made him disbelieve me; but I disclosed so many facts about women’s nature, that he was somewhat astonished. He told me what he had done, about having had the clap, and what to do if I got it; then he had seduced a cottager’s daughter on the estate; but his description of the taking, did not accord with my limited experience. One day he pointed the girl out to me at the cottage door, and said he now had her whenever he wanted.

My Secret Life, Vol.1 Chapter 7 PREVIEW from dominic crawford collins on Vimeo.

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