Salt Cave therapy

We’ve had disturbed nights all week with Julieta’s cough. It’s a persistant, dry cough that comes on at night, when she’s lying down, and it’s keeping her awake, poor thing, so that’s she’s drowsy and grumpy the next day. I think it’s something she’s picked up from nursery and am hoping it will disappear. Last time we took her to see the doctor and she said her chest is clear. She gave us an inhaler to try if she starts wheezing. I don’t think she has asthma but I’d still like to ease things and help her to sleep better.

So far, we’ve tried cough medicine (now very mild: just glycerine and honey), Olbas oil sprinkled on her pillow and duvet, propping up the pillow so she’s not lying flat, vaporizers (rubbish), Vicks chest rub (she rubs it off). The Olbas oil is brilliant and knocks out Matt and I too, so I’ll keep using it.

I’m planning a trip to the Salt Cave in Wandsworth. It is the UK’s first indoor salt cave and halotherapy, as it is known, can help ease all manner of respiratory conditions. Children are particularly receptive to this type of therapy because their lungs don’t develop the ability to clear out toxins until around the age of nine. I figure it’s worth a try – the first visit is free, and it might help to clear my blocked sinuses (and my snoring, Matt suggests). A bonus for the bedroom.

I’d love to hear alternative suggestions re night time coughs – I need a proper night’s sleep!

The Salt Cave, 320 Earlsfield Road, London SW18 3EJ, Tel: 0208 870 6006.

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