Periods & moodswings

Day two of my period and I feel normal.. even quite upbeat today.

Yesterday was a different story. I was tearful, moody, and ready to throw myself off a bridge. It was one of those ‘what is the point of my life, where am I going, where is my relationship going’ days and all I am fit for is my duvet. I know it will pass but it’s hard to deal with and hard for my partner to cope with I imagine, as my chin is on the floor. It is hormone-related, due to a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels at the start of my cycle. Over the next 14 days my oestrogen levels will rise and I will feel more positive, energetic, sexier (make that baby!) until ovulation occurs. However, day 1 is still a shit. I am going to experiment with my diet and see if changing it makes a difference to my low days.

Miranda Gray talks about this is her book The Optimized Woman – how to work with your menstrual cycle to be more productive personally and professionally.

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