Sex? We’d Rather Kiss and Cuddle

According to a recent survey, most Brits would rather cuddle and kiss on the sofa than have sex.

In a poll of 1,000 Brits by healthcare company Bayer, 98% of participants said they rate sex as important but just over half – 53% said they would rather kiss and cuddle. Sex was rated as less important than commitment, companionship and a good sense of humour.

Six out of 10 said that touch helps them to de-stress and reconnect with a partner. Stress, tiredness and squabbles were cited as the main obstacles to intimacy.

Touch is a basic human need and it helps keep a couple connected. It’s why so many of us pay a premium for holistic treatments such as relaxing facials and massage. I make a point of kissing Matt before I leave for work and when I get home, and love to cuddle on the sofa (typically with Julieta wedged between us). How can we expect to have a healthy libido and satisfying sex life if we don’t do these basic things every day? Plus, there’s a link between the lips and the clitoris so hot lip action will get your body in the mood for further activity between the sheets.

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