Orgasm tips & tricks

Today is National Orgasm Day. Every day should be National Orgasm Day imo, given the health benefits of the big O. Here are a few suggestions for experimenting with yours: –

• Deep breathing – we often hold our breath during arousal and orgasm, which means that sexual energy is concentrated in the genital area rather than being circulated around the whole body. This means you will only feel your orgasms in your genital area. Experiment with your breath to speed up arousal and enable a full body orgasm. Speed up your breathing to bring you to orgasm (it helps to moan a little too) and when you start to climax slow your breath right down, breathing from your tummy instead of your chest. This will relax your whole body and intensify your orgasm.

• Strengthen your PC muscles – this is especially important after childbirth as the vaginal muscles may be looser and a woman can feel less sensation during intercourse. Strong PC muscles will improve sexual feeling and orgasm for both sexes. Here’s how to do it.

• Move your body around during sex and try different positions. This can help you to transform your orgasm says sex educator Cory Silverberg. If you like masturbating in a certain position and style it can be easy to rely on this as your route to orgasm. Moving your body around will help you to experience a different type or intensity of orgasm. Gravity can help circulation and blood flow so you may find your orgasms are stronger when you’re standing or on your knees ‘doggy style’. Try bringing your whole body into the experience rather than focusing on your genitals and see if leads to a whole body orgasm for you.

• Learn how to tease – take yourself to the edge and then pull yourself back before you orgasm/ejaculate. This is great practice for men who want to learn how to separate orgasm and ejaculation and have more control over their ejaculation. By the time you ‘allow’ yourself to come your mind will be more than ready and your body will experience an orgasm more intensely. This also works if you’ve been masturbating for a while and have lost the feeling in your genitals.

• Try and give yourself a different type of orgasm to see how the experience varies. There are many different ‘types’ of orgasm including clitoral, vaginal, g-spot, u-spot, breast and fantasy. Learning how to give yourself an orgasm without touching your genitals is a pretty special thing. Putting yourself in different fantasy scenarios can also change your orgasms.

• Experiment with lubricants, water, sex toys and creams to see if any particular one makes your orgasm more enjoyable. A good lubricant makes masturbation feel a lot smoother and more sensual. Yes does a lovely range of certified organic intimacy products.

The Orgasmic Diet: A Revolutionary Plan to Lift Your Libido and Bring You to Orgasm. Marrena Lindberg has written a great book on how changing your diet and lifestyle can improve your orgasms. It’s sensible eating really – greens, fish oils (Omega 3 & 6), nuts and seeds, red wine and dark chocolate. According to her research this combination of diet and regular PC exercises will improve and intensify your orgasms.

Click here for more tips on sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Apparently, wearing socks during sex makes you more likely to orgasm too (being warm helps the process…)

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