Online fitness coaching with Lucy Wyndham-Read

I have just posted an interview on Suite 101 with Lucy Wyndham-Read, a fitness coach who runs an online consultancy to help people get fit, feel great and eat well. She is a very inspiring lady – trekking adventures in Namibia with Sir Trevor Baylis, and is currently working on a book about children’s fitness, to emphasise the importance of exercise, and how it can be done safely. Her goal is to address the growing problem of child obesity. Lucy also designed the workout routines for this year’s Race For Life event, to raise money for breast cancer research. She specialises in antenatal and postnatal fitness so if you want to know what type of exercise is safe pre and post-baby – and where to find your Kegels – she is your lady.

Here is the interview I did with her recently on Suite 101.

Unfit Mother – How to Get Your Life, Shape and Sanity Back After Childbirth

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