No fuss New Year detox

I started my detox today – a bit early I know considering new year is a couple of days away but I am in the mood for a spring clean – physically and mentally. My intention is to do it for a week at the beginning of January and I’m easing myself into it now. A glass or two of good red wine on new year’s eve shouldn’t upset the apple cart too much…

I’m not buying any supplements, fancy packs or doing colonics or enemas at this stage so it will be a simple natural detox focused on diet, water, exercise, and lifestyle. I intend to do the following and see how I feel mid-January:

• Swap the coffee for green and white tea.
• Cut out dairy for a while – substitute my beloved Port Salut cheese for hummous and pâtés. Swap butter for olive oil.
• Up the leafy vegetables, pulses, fruit and water (it needs to be a glass every hour or so – eight a day). Homemade soups here we come.
• Cut out cakes, pastries and chocolate.
• Increase my fish intake – I don’t eat meat so it’s usually fish or pasta and I’d like to be eating oily fish 2-3 times a week.
• Dry skin body brushing every day and salt scrubs every other day.
• Using natural, organic toiletries and minimal make-up to give my skin and body a rest. I like Tesco’s bnatural range.
• Aromatherapy massage and facials to get the toxins out.
• Internal detox using Secret Ceres: a kaolin, pomegranate and dripstone handmade pelvic toner a couple of times a week, and prior to sex.
• Using Love Lube natural lubricant.
• Exercise: a walk or jog a day, stretches and yoga, and to try Qi Gong – a martial arts workout for improved energy and detoxification.
• House: go through the in-tray, office and clean up the house – get rid of old stuff. I’ve switched to Ecover household products.
• Ditch the jobs and stresses that are draining me and taking up my time and energy, and focus on what I want to achieve this year.
• Make time for 20 minutes meditation a day.

I exercise regularly but having a focus like this will (hopefully) improve the way I feel when I wake up each morning (groggy and dry mouth due to stuffy nose), the general tiredness I feel throughout the day, lack of concentration and focus, as well as improving my body – cellulite, skin and muscle tone, bags under my eyes etc. It will be a challenge for me, as I love my latte and every time I cut out the coffee I have headaches but I will stick it out for a week or so and see how it goes. I suspect increasing my water intake will have a major effect, as I don’t drink enough, and it should improve my focus, concentration and skin tone.

I’m having a photoshoot done mid-January for a new dating website, so that’s added motivation to be looking and feeling my best.

I’d love to hear your detox tips and suggestions if anything in particular has worked for you..

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